Insert Molded Ferrite Rotor Assembly

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Using our superior insert molding, Advanced Molding Technologies manufactured ferrite rotor assemblies for an automotive client based out of Chatham, Ontario, Canada. Using our advanced technology, we molded WFL 4034 polyester within a ferrite rotor. The polyester interior measured .36 inches in outer diameter, while the external rotor ferrite measured .48 inches in outer diameter. The rotors were precisely .92 inches in length.

Our top-quality injection molding equipment upheld a tight (+/-) .002 inch precision tolerance during production, with a total run-out of just .008 inches.  All our polyester rotors were molded with a stub ACME, 29° single RH thread and a .006 inch raised part identification number molded onto the product's surface.

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Insert Molded Ferrite Rotor Assembly
Insert Molded Ferrite Rotor Assembly

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Ferrite Rotor Assembly Project Details

Product Description   Insert molded rotor assembly used in an actuator motor in the automotive industry

Capabilities Applied/Processes   Insert Molding

Equipment Used to Manufacture Part   Vertical Injection Molding Machine

Overall Part Dimensions   .480 in outer diameter (rotor ferrite)
.920 in length

Tightest Tolerances  
.xxx Dimensions: ± .002"
Total Run-out of .008
Outside Wall Draft: -1/2° Max.
Inside Wall Draft: +1/2° Max.

Material Used   Glass and PTFE-Filled Polyester
  • Type WFL 4034

Typical Operations   Insert molding of general shape


Insert molded ceramic magnet molded with engineering grade thermoplastic with glass and Teflon fillers

Internal stub ACME 29° single RH thread molded in
Part ID molded within part .006" raised

Industry for Use   Automotive

Delivery Location   Worldwide

Standards Met   Customer-supplied print, 2D CAD drawing, ANSI Y14.5M-1982

Product Name   Rotor Assembly

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