Insert Molded Plunger Assembly for the Valve Industry

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Advanced Molding Technologies custom built a series of plungers for one of our clients in the valve industry, utilizing our insert molding service. Using a two-dimensional, customer-supplied CAD drawing, we manufactured the plungers using top-quality polyester material. The products were constructed to meet exact sizing requirements, meeting a (+/-) .002 inch precision tolerance and a
(+/-) .2° angular tolerance.

The custom plungers contained two types of threading: an insert molded ACME 29° Special, Double Thread-RH Class 2G brass insert, and a molded 10-32 thread.

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Insert Molded Plunger Assembly
Insert Molded Plunger Assembly

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Plunger Assembly

Product Description   Insert molded plunger assembly used in a valve industry
Capabilities Applied/Processes   Insert Molding
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part   Vertical Insert Molding Machine
Overall Part Dimensions   .394 & .400 in outer diameter
1.274 in Length
Tightest Tolerances   .xxx Dimensions: ±.005"
Angular: ±.5
Material Used   Glass and PTFE-Filled Polyester
  • Type WFL 4034
Typical Operations   Insert molding of general shape or shape required by customer.
Features   Brass threaded inserts are insert molded within the assembly.
ACME 29° Special, Double Thread-RH Class 2G
10-32 Thread
Industry for Use   Valve
Delivery Location   Worldwide
Standards Met   Customer-supplied print, 2D CAD drawing
Product Name   Plunger Assembly

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