Insert Molded Plastic Housing for a Variable Valve Timing Sensor

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Our customer, a worldwide engineering conglomerate, was asked to develop a variable valve timing sensor for the 4-cylinder and 8-cylinder engines of a premium automobile manufacturer. They approached us at Advanced Molding Technologies to produce the complex injection and insert molded housings for these assemblies.

AMT designed, constructed and optimized six new molds to produce these parts under strict quality control in a timely manner.

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Variable Valve Timing Sensor Housing
Variable Valve Timing Sensor Housing

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Plastic Housing for a Variable Valve Timing Sensor Project Details

Product Description   Sensor assemblies mounted directly on engines in the automotive industry

Capabilities Applied/Processes   High temperature molding
Hot molds heated with hot oil thermolators to fully crystallize the material
Pre-molds, 9 gold-plated terminals, bushings

Equipment Used to Manufacture Part   Hot runner systems to gate directly into part with virgin material only.
All electric molding machines for consistent process control.

Dimensional Tolerances   4 critical dimensions and over 200 associated dimensions

Material Used   Glass-Filled Amodel PPA

Typical Operations   Pre-mold 9 gold-plated terminals in three rows,
Robotically load pre-molds and bushings in 2-cavity mold
Machine gate area to a specific dimension

In process testing performed   As per control plan

Estimated Part Weight   37 gms.

Industry for Use   Automotive

Delivery Location   Worldwide

Standards Met   Customer-supplied print, 2D CAD drawing

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