Insert Molded Electrical Connectors

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Advanced Molding Technologies manufactures electrical connectors for automotive industry clients worldwide. Our custom-built products are equipped with a variety of features, including an allowable leak rate of 10 cc per minute at 8.5 PSI, an O-ring groove with a .003 inch maximum allowable parting line mismatch, 20 pound capacity load on terminals, and a part identification number molded within each sensor. All of these electrical sensors were constructed using Rynite 530 (PET).

Meeting a (±) 1° angular tolerance, a .5° draft per side, and a true position of .01 inches on all diameters, our sensors were built to match client specifications supplied to us through two-dimensional CAD drawings. Each sensor measures .768 inches in width and 1.16 inches in overall length.

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Insert Molded Electrical Connectors
Insert Molded Electrical Connectors

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Electrical Connectors Project Details

Product Description   Insert molded electrical connector used in the automotive industry
Capabilities Applied/Processes   Vertical Insert Molding
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part   Vertical Insert Molding Machine
Overall Part Dimensions   1.160 in O.A.L.
Tightest Tolerances   .xxx Dimensions: ±.002"
.003" Max. allowable parting line (O-ring groove) mismatch
Angular: ±1°
1/2° Draft per side
True position of .010 on all diameters
Material Used   Rynite 530 (PET)
Manufacturing Processes   Insert molding of plastic around electrical terminals
Features   Allowable leak rate: 10cc/minute @ 8.5PSI
Load on terminals: 20 lbs max.
O-Ring groove
Part number molded within
Industry for Use   Automotive
Delivery Location   Worldwide
Standards Met   Customer-supplied print, 2D CAD drawing, ANSI Y14.5M 1982
Product Name   Molded Electrical Connector

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