Plastic Bonded Permanent Magnets

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At Advanced Molding Technologies, every year we injection mold over 5 million magnet rotors for automotive customers.  These rotors use permanent oriented strontium ferrite magnets.

We also have the capability to injection mold either isotropic or anisotropic permanent magnets using poly bonded magnetic compounds based on ferrite magnet powders or rare earth neodymium iron boron materials.  These magnets are free from cracks, chips, and surface residue which will interfere with proper functionality.  Also, these magnets are produced to dimension specifications and do not require secondary grinding or finishing operations.

A well known customer contacted us to improve their existing product where they were buying cylindrical magnets from overseas.  They were threading a stainless steel shaft in it to make it a magnetized plunger.  The fastening process was not reliable and they glued the assembly to make it secure.  The resultant cost was very high.  We insert molded the magnet on the shaft and magnetized it within the cycle in the mold.  This process eliminated secondary operations and gave them a superior product at a much lower price.

For another customer, we molded a rare earth neodymium magnet and magnetized it with 24 poles on a radial basis.

Plastic Bonded Permanent Magnets Image
Plastic Bonded Permanent Magnets 
Plastic Bonded Permanent Magnets

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Molded Magnets Project Details

Product Description   Injection Molded Permanent Magnets

Capabilities Applied/Processes   Insert Molding, Over Molding, Injection Molding of Strontium Ferrite and Neodymium Iron Boron Bonded Magnets using Nylon or PPS Plastic Materials

Equipment Used   Injection Molding Machines, Molds, Fixtures

Special Features   Multi-pole magnets with diametral or radial orientation.  Magnets freee of chipping or cracking.

Tightest Tolerances   Magnetized as required to Energy Output (MGOe) and Intrinsic Coercive Force (Hci)

Standard   MMPA Class 0100-00






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