Injection Molded Magnet Rotor Assembly

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Advanced Molding Technologies used injection molding to manufacture rotor and sleeve assemblies for an automotive client. With our superior injection molding equipment, we met exact size requirements, maintaining a (+/-) .002 inch precision tolerance, while also meeting a total run-out tolerance of .006 inches, and a circular run-out tolerance of .005 inches.

We ensured the crystallinity and heat stability of our rotor and sleeve assemblies by guaranteeing high temperature resistance. Using a combination of our advanced service capabilities, we provided our automotive client with high-quality, custom-assembled rotors and sleeves.

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Rotor & Sleeve Assembly
Rotor & Sleeve Assembly

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Rotor & Sleeve Assembly

Product Description   Injection molded rotor & sleeve assembly used in a actuator motor in the automotive industry

Capabilities Applied/Processes   Injection Molding

Overall Part Dimensions   .375 in outer diameter

Tightest Tolerances   .xxx Dimensions: ±.002"
Angles: ±2°
Total Run-out of .006"
Circular Run-out of .005"
Draft Angle: 1/2° Max.
.004" Max. Flash Allowance

Material Used   Glass & PTFE-Filled Polyester

Typical Operations   Injection Molding, insert

Features   Sleeve is made from a bronze alloy.

In process testing performed   Exposure to 180°C for 1 hour

Industries Served   Automotive, Industrial, Medical, Valve, Energy, Automation, Security, Distribution, Aerospace, Government

Delivery Location   Worldwide

Standards Met   Customer-supplied print, ANSI Y14.5M

Product Name   Rotor & Sleeve Assembly

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